Hello Kids Dental & Orthodontics
Hello Kids Dental & Orthodontics

In-house pediatric dental specialists at Hello Kids Dental & Orthodontics provide high-quality dental care on your schedule.

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2380 Via Inspirada Suite 100, Henderson, NV 89044

SAT: 8:00PM - 3:00PM
2380 Via Inspirada Suite 100B Henderson, NV 89044
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Why Choose Us?

Hello Kids Dental & Orthodontics - Your Quality Pediatric Dentist

Every passionate member of our pediatric dental team in Henderson, NV is dedicated to providing your child with comfortable, personalized dental care. We deliver a portfolio of high-quality pediatric dental services - from routine cleanings, to fillings, to orthodontics - that help fortify your child's oral hygiene from a young age.

We regularly help our young Las Vegas patients address the following dental challenges:

- Routine Exams & Cleanings
- Tooth Pain or Emergencies
- Cavities and Fillings
- Wisdom Tooth Removal
- Traditional Braces & Invisalign®

You can even get in to see us same-day for routine or emergency dental care.

Children's Dentist Open Evenings & Weekends

Between school, extra curriculars, and family time, getting to a 9-5 kids dentist can seem impossible. That's why at Hello Kids Dental & Orthodontics, we make ourselves available outside of typical office hours: to help your children achieve optimal health and hygiene at YOUR convenience.

Looking for a kids dentist open on Saturdays? Or a children's dentist with evening hours to accommodate you after a long busy day? Do you prefer to be seen during the weekdays and save your weekends for personal time?

We have a dentist available during regular office hours, AND a dentist with evening hours - all for your convenience.

Kids Dentistry for Infants, Children, and Teens in Henderson, NV

Conveniently located in on Via Inspirada, our pediatric dental office helps children maintain full, healthy smiles on a daily basis. We help equip your child for long-term dental success, while replacing any anxiety or nerves with confidence and peace of mind. We can address 100% of your child's dental needs at our Las Vegas location. Schedule one appointment, and we'll see all of your children at the same time!